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Why Choose Jayne's English?

Jayne's English is for you if:

◾ You use English at work

◾ You want direct feedback on your pronunciation and language

◾ You want clear strategies to improve 

Jayne's English has a unique teaching model to ensure that no time is wasted.

There is plenty of opportunity for you to practice your speaking, ask questions and get targeted feedback.  The lessons are focused on you!  Some courses are recorded and uploaded so you can rewatch as often as you need.

To help keep you motivated, you will added to the Discord support group. There you can connect with students from other classes or use the class/course channel to ask Jayne questions and chat with your classmates between classes.

Join 1000+ students who have studied with Jayne


🔷 "Jayne knew exactly what my problems were. She found my mistakes and helped me improve fast. The personal feedback was very helpful"

 🔷 "You have a unique skill to make everyone feel relaxed and comfortable. You made pronunciation fun"

🔷 "I learned many things which I have never learned before. I realised how ignorant I was about English speaking"

Jayne is a very experienced teacher. Also she is very passionate, eager and has amazing skills to motivate students.

Housewife, Japan

Jayne noticed my weak points and helped me improve quickly. The classes are small and everyone is the same level.

Software engineer, Vietnam

I really recommend Jayne – the lessons are fun and varied. The relaxed atmosphere makes you lose your inhibitions. 

Housewife, Germany

Hi, I'm Jayne, your English Teacher!

UK English Teacher

to professionals for 25+ years.

I love to teach and over the last 25 years, I have taught in both schools and corporate environments. I now run my own business and most of my courses are offered live online via Zoom.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Foreign Languages, a Master's Degree in Teaching and Post Graduate qualifications in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (CELTA, TESMC). I have further certifications in using Online Technology to teach and from the Singapore Law Society. I am currently completing a course in adult education (ACLP). So you as you can see, I like to study as well as teach!

I understand the difficulties of learning a new language from the student perspective, too.  I lived in Germany for a year and then Japan for thirteen years so I feel your pain!  I have been living in Singapore for the past 12 years so also understand the challenges of language learners who live here or in the region.

Would love to connect.  Please do reach out on one of the channels below :)